Hursts' Berwyn Jewelers

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Columbia Gem House is a family business founded in 1976 exclusively as a colored gemstone company. Like many of the retailers we work with, we grew up with the colored gemstone industry. We have 35 years of knowledge in gem mining, gem cutting, jewelry design, jewelry manufacturing and marketing. We are proud to have kept our jewelry designing and manufacturing at our own workshop here in the USA. We never send our jewelry out to be manufactured at some giant factory on the other side of the world. If you want to know something about a gem, or how our jewelry is made, we know the answer. We put our love of colored gemstones into every piece we sell, and customers see this. We do not produce miscellaneous disposable jewelry, but instead create true heirloom colored gemstone jewelry right here at home. Whether our work in producing beautiful gems, working with organizations in the industry, or developing transparent supply chains to support Fair Trade, all of us in the Columbia Gem House family will do what we can to help you. In doing this, we know those lucky enough to buy our beautiful colored gemstones will enjoy them as much as we do.